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Painting Classes at the Bleu Waves Art Gallery, Meredith, NH in the Beautiful Lakes Region.

Paint With Me. All Levels.

Often we put off the things in life that we need and want the most. So many of my students cherish those few hours per week, where they come to my studio to paint, to learn and to nurture themselves.

I love teaching the student to paint what they felt in their hearts when they were moved by something visually....and to relay that feeling on canvas....

Hone your painting skills, make new friends, nurture yourself in a peaceful art studio. We can supply materials if needed. Oil or Acrylic. All Levels of Ability.


"Carole has a great way of teaching; if you're looking to take classes she can help you learn your style and technique. Bleu Waves is a very relaxed and cozy studio and she makes you feel welcome every time". -A. Howie


Studio Hours and Policies

Three Hour Classes Available: 

Wednesdays   9-12 and 1-4 pm

Thursdays      9-12 and 1-4 pm

Fridays            9-12 and 1-4 pm


4 classes each month  $200.00 paid in advance.

5 classes for one month is $250.00

Two hour class is $80.00


Cash, checks and credit cards accepted.

* A 3% credit card fee or $5.00 will be added if paid by credit card.  

Make up classes: you may make up/reschedule only one class per month within 30 days from cancelled date, other wise no refund for missed classes.

Class Plus: $80 3 hour class  

(Students use Bleu Wave's supplies must bring their own canvases.)

                       View a brief  video of a painting class with us below:

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