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The Bleu Waves Art Gallery  in Meredith, NH has a diverse offering of original oil paintings by Artist Carole Keller, featuring landscapes, portraits, nature and more.

Art Classes: We also have an art studio for all levels of  students who can participate in ongoing painting classes.     See art class schedule.

"One of the Best Art Galleries in the heart of Meredith, New Hampshire. The owner and artist, Carole Keller, brings her unique talents of art to her oil paintings. Her studio offers artists, new or experienced, the opportunity to learn to express their own art in an environment dedicated to creativity." - B. Shanley
"Even though I went to the Museum of Fine Arts School, I've learned more with Carole than I ever did there. She's a wonderful artist and person and I'm so blessed to be studying with her." - N. McGrath
"A beautiful gallery in the heart of Meredith. Great place to come for creativity and superb knowledge of the arts."
-L. Perrault-Fino
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